Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Alia Bhatt Photoshoot For Caprese Handbags 2016

Good handbags complete the look of a stylish person. I am not sure about Guys but fashion loving girls use expensive and stylish but  matching handbags with their clothes. A renowned  European brand Caprese has recently launched their latest handbags in India.
Since Caprese Handbag is among good handbags brands, they choose Alia Bhatt as a brand ambassador to promote their handbags. No doubt, she is looking beautiful, cute, stylish, hot, sizzling and even curvy ;). I was stunned because about every photo looked perfect, I got dubious which was one to admire first; Alia or the Handbags. but still there are handbags in this collection which I personally won’t prefer because I am selective in colors, I don’t care if  it is one of the expensive and good handbag brands;). Any ways,  I am sharing the good ones I like first \

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